Food Recipes: Eating the Heart Healthy Way

Heart-Healthy Way

Eating the Heart Healthy Way:

Food recipes that are intended for a healthy heart usually have low fat and cholesterol. Meals for vegetarians are normally the choice of those people who want to avoid heart diseases since they are low in fat but rich in fiber. Removing meat, fish, and poultry that are high in cholesterol is usually a nice step in improving the health of your heart.

Another way to avoid the risk of such disease is to eat food recipes rich in plant-based ingredients such as vegetables and fruits.

The following tips for making heart-healthy food recipes might be useful to you:

You can sauté your foods using water or just a bit of oil. Oils like olive are believed to be healthy oil because they are able to help lessen the levels of cholesterol present in the blood. Cooking using low fat is advisable for the improvement of heart health. Examples of these methods are steaming, boiling, broiling, baking, and roasting. When cooking, you can also use butter instead of oil in food recipes with applesauce, juice, or water.

Eggs have high cholesterol. Therefore, instead of consuming whole eggs, replace it with an egg replacer, tofu, and banana in your recipes. But if your food recipe really needs to have an egg, use the egg whites and remove the yolk.

When buying ingredients for your heart-healthy food recipes, you must buy more fruits, whole grains, veggies, legumes, and other products which have free fat milk.

Buy foods that are rich in fiber such as cereals and whole-grain bread. Fibers will help you to have cholesterol-free blood since it helps in cleansing the blood.

Include making baked potatoes in your food recipes. However, since you are promoting a healthy heart, you need not put cheese or butter on it.

When making a salad, avoid using mayonnaise as your dressing since it contains eggs. Ask for other alternatives to be put in your salad.

Make food recipes that have soy products because they can be beneficial for the health of your heart. You can use soymilk, tofu, and soy yogurt in your recipes.

Meat, dairy products and eggs are the best sources of cholesterol. However, since you still need them as part of your food recipe, just consume a little. Avoid consuming a lot of them to avoid possible heart disease.

Carrots and beans are high in fiber. Create food recipes that include the two. 

By following the tips above and recipes at you are not only securing yourself a healthy heart but also, you are giving yourself the chance to eat the way you never did before. 

Enjoy each healthy food recipe from, that you make and treat them as your personal culinary treasure. 

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