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Hello, we would like to welcome you to viaindiankitchen - The best free Indian Recipes.

When it comes to food then, Indian food is at the top as far as taste and variety are concerned. As we all know it is also one of the few national foods that are universally loved and this is because Indian food cannot be described as a single style but encompasses nineteen regions of this huge country, each with particular specialties representing the diversity of ingredients available locally. Most Indian recipes are handed down from generation to generation so the same Indian recipes will slightly differ depending on the region and its taste.
Unlike any other cuisine, one of the signature aspects of preparing authentic Indian food is knowing how to prepare and when to add combinations of herbs and spices to the Indian recipes. Dry-roasting or frying herbs and spices in a pan is a common technique used when making Indian recipes.
There are so many Indian recipes and some of them require a lot of preparation and cooking time but there are also a lot of other Indian recipes that can be prepared very quickly and that require a minimum amount of cooking time. Raita is one such dish and it can be eaten with a lot of different combinations. Raita is a refreshingly cooling summer dish, somewhat equivalent to the Western salad. Raita is made with slices of cucumber in yogurt seasoned with salt, pepper, roasted ground cumin seeds, and sometimes a dash of cayenne or you can use a variety of fruits instead of the cucumber.
So if you are in need of some quick Indian recipes then please keep visiting viaindiankitchen and, we will try our best to bring you lots of mouthwatering recipes which will only take you a few minutes to prepare.

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