Creating Punches: Simple yet Yummy Cocktails.

Yummy Cocktail parties are exciting for everyone. Apart from socializing with corporate partners, old and new acquaintances, and friends, you will be delighted by the delicious taste of different cocktail drinks and punches that invigorate you... and keep you awake all night long.


So, you consider hosting a cocktail-inspired party for your next family gathering celebration. Of course, you will expect plenty of your relatives to attend the said gathering. However, you are not still decided on what types of drinks you want to serve during such an occasion. Furthermore, you cannot stand making drinks the whole day.
Since you are preparing for your next family gathering, one of the easiest ways you can commemorate the occasion is to create a punch. Mixing different varieties of fruit, extracts are fun and easy, plus you can impress your relatives with your punch expertise.


There are many punch cocktail recipes available, although they are following a similar blueprint. All you need to do is to remember the following basic building principle of creating a punch.

Always prioritize the fruits.

Combine chosen chilled fruit juice and flavoring. In order to establish a good and refreshing punch taste, always prefer fresh juices or fresh juice mix than the canned fruit juices. You can prepare them and freeze them for a week early before the gathering. 

You can use the following fruit juices for your delicious punch:

Pineapple juice;

Apple juice;

Cherry Juice; and

Other exotic fruits and syrups.


Although punches are likely to bear a sweet taste, be sure that you will not spoil your guest's appetites. Adding unsweetened pineapple, lime, lemon, or grapefruit juices can reduce the sweetness of your punches yet will give a pleasant and sharp taste.

Yummy Cocktail - Spirits are the Next

Remember that you will be socializing with your relatives, not make them drunk. If you will be adding hard liquor or wine into your punch, make sure that it will be no more than 25 and 50 percent, respectively. Avoid adding bourbons, whiskeys, and scotches.

Furthermore, add only a single brand of hard liquor; mixing together different brands can have adverse effects on the persons who will drink your punch. Instead, think about combining fruit juices and sparkling beverages and wine to keep its alcohol content low.


Yummy Cocktail - Top Next

You can balance the rest of your punch bowl by adding water, apple juice, seltzer, or ginger ale. You can also opt to add carbonated ingredients before you serve the punch to your guests. Adding soda water and club soda can not affect the overall taste of your punch as well as giving fewer calories to your drinks.

Yummy Cocktail - Freeze

It is essential to keep your punch cool. A great way of keeping it cool is to start adding chilled ingredients. Small batches of punch can be mixed beforehand, serving them in smaller quantities during the party instead of giving out an enormous bowl. A block of ice may be used instead of ice cubes to prevent diluting your punch.


Yummy Cocktail - Garnish your Masterpiece

You can now adorn your punch by garnishing it with citrus wheels, pineapple wedges, mint leaves, strawberries, cinnamon stick, or edible flowers. It will add to the irresistible craving to have a taste of your masterpiece.

Enjoy your family celebration better with your delicious cocktail punches. And your cocktail recipes at will be of help in your objective of making your family gathering an event to remember.


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