Homemade and Healthy Panpole.

Panpole with Coconut filling.

Indian Recipes - Panpole with coconut filling

Homemade and Healthy Panpole (pronounced as pun-polay) also known as Neer Dosa is a simple and extremely easy dish to prepare. Panpole with coconut and jaggery mix stuffing is a sweet dish that has reigned supremacy in every Mangalorean house and has gained a lot of popularity outside Mangalore too.


Panpole with coconut and Jaggery mix stuffing is a signature Mangalorean cuisine made from rice batter with a watery consistency and the best part is that the batter here does not need fermentation as needed for other dosa batters.

Ingredients for Poles:

Soak 1 cup rice in enough water for 5 hours.

Later grind finely to a watery consistency.

Add a little salt.

Ingredients for Coconut filling:

1/4 cup coconut scraped fine

Take Palm jaggery or ordinary jaggery make it fine & add to the coconut according to your taste. Some like it sweet, some less sweet.
4 to 5 Eliachi powdered & added.

A pinch of salt.

Preparation Method for Coconut filling:


Brush a neer dosa pan with oil.


Neerdosas come off well in this pan since the batter is of watery texture, but you can use other pans too.



Heat the pan, apply oil, & take a small bowl of batter and pour it on the pan.


Hold the side of the pan and distribute batter evenly. Keep for a minute and remove.


When it is slightly cool, add the coconut jaggery mix in a straight manner.



First, fold on two opposite sides, and then roll it.

Your Panpole is Ready !!

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